Downloads for the RS370


Downloads for the RS370


RS370 Flash update - v3.9

Here is the change log for the last few versions:


More harmonic templates and presets


Fixed Note latch sometimes staying on when reading memories
Even more presets


Lots of new presets and wave tables added
Fixed eeprom initialisation problem if eeprom is blank
Fixed Program change option not always being saved
Added Osc1,2,3,4 tuning to LFO1,2 destinations


Fixed harm wave morph,morph2 not working correctly if only one is selected.
Fixed intermittent crashing when using random LFO

Added harm wave morph2. Harm wave morph1 and morph2 are mixed together.

Renamed templates

Split templates into smaller groups

Added extra harmonic templates

Fixed random notes playing when using MTC

Added midi chain mode. If there are not enough generators available, notes are passed out the midi thru port.
The slave module(s) are kept synchronised with the master.
Note slave modules must also have this firmware version or later. Earlier versions may crash when scrolling through memories on the master.
Fixed input voltage range on CV input 1
Fixed patch checking - a corrupt patch could have crashed the module

Fixed note triggers bleeding though to trigger outputs when using midi clock trigger mode
Fixed missing 'CV output type' option in midi-cv conversion menu
Updated factory presets
Added Arpeggiator speed to CV and midi controllers

Added LFO2 speed to 'CVin controls' menu and 'midi controls' menu

Changed midi clock trigger assignments
Trig1: Start (Triggers when START or CONTINUE midi commands received)
Trig2: Stop (Triggers when STOP midi command received)
Trig3: Start/Stop (Triggers when START, CONTINUE or STOP midi commands received)
Trig4: Run (Goes high when START or CONTINUE midi commands received, low when STOP received)
Trig5: Reset (Triggers when START midi command received)
Trig6: Clock (Clock runs when run is high)

Ctrl 1 input voltage range hidden (it is fixed to 0->10V)
Added Volume to 'LFO controls' menu
Fixed occasional jumps in midi controller values
Fixed messy display when editing patch name
Arpeggiator started and stopped by midi start/stop if using midi sync
Added Midi clock to trigger output types in midi-cv menu. When enabled the trigger functions become:
trig1: midi start
trig2: midi stop
trig3: continue
trig4: run (high after start/continue, low after stop)
trig5: clock


Download Instructions

There are two methods of updating the RS modules
1) BootFlash programmer. This is the recommended method.

System requirements:
A PC running Windows 95 or later
A sound card game port or other midi interface
A midi cable for your computer
An RS295 expander module( if updating RS290.)

Make sure the expander (if updating rs290) is correctly plugged into the RS module
Connect the midi cable to your computer
Connect midi out from the computer to midi in on the expander (only if updating rs290)
Connect midi in on the computer to midi out on the expander or module

Updating the firmware:
Turn the RS module on and select 'Firmware update' from the misc
settings menu.

If this is the first time you have done a firmware update you may have
to set the BootFlash software up to work with your machine.
Click on 'Configure' then 'Midi in' then select you midi input port from
the list (usually called MPU-401).
Do the same for midi out.
Open the update flash file then click on the 'Check connection' button
to check everything is working. If not then check your wiring and port
If the software finds the module then press the 'program' button to
update your firmware. BootFlash will ask you to select the firmware file
to download.

If the programming is interrupted for any reason (power cut, program
crash etc) the module will go into fail-safe mode. When you turn the
module on the display will be blank and the module will not work.
However all is not lost - it will still talk to the programmer.
Connect everything up as before and run the programmer again.

2) Midi sysex dump.
System requirements:
Any computer with a Midi port and midi player software, for example a
Mac, a PC running Linux or even a midi data recorder.
A midi cable to suit
An RS (or RS295 expander) module.

The downloaded zip file contains a midi file ( for example)- echodelay xx-xx-xx.mid.
Load this into your midi player program and plug the midi output from
your computer into the midi input of the RS module. Turn on the RS module and go
to Special Options->Upgrade firmware. Enter 'yes' when asked. Now play
the file into the RS module. When it has finished playing, turn the RS module
off and on again. If all has gone to plan the RS module will now have
updated firmware. If it does not start up then try playing the midi file
into it again.