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Last Updated: 06/09/2018  

Welcome to Analogue Systems, manufacturers of high quality modular synthesisers.

Announcement Analogue Systems

We are happy to announce three of our best-selling modules with redesigned faceplates!

The faceplates have been reworked with a more streamlined panel design and elongated holes to allow easier placement in a Doepfer-style case.

They also feature two power supply connectors so that they can be connected either to an Analogue Systems or to a Doepfer power supply.

Their outstanding audio quality has remained untouched!


The RS-35N External Processor contains three circuits for extracting control voltages from an audio signal: frequency-to-voltage generator, level-to-voltage generator and a trigger generator.


The RS95 is a premium, British sounding VCO with waveshaping possibilities and a high-resolution vernier potentiometer for tuning.


This very useful module combines four completely different sub modules: a voltage controlled LFO, a noise generator, a sample-and-hold type random generator and a VCA.

Have a look at our module planner and choose your configuration!

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