Welcome to our module page. All integrator panels are divisible by 6 hp so it is easy to work out how many modules can fit into our cases ensuring no odd sizes or spaces. Each row of an integrator case is 84hp wide except the 8500 series and the double sequencer cabinets which are 168hp.

Users please note that all warranties are void when fitting our modules to other manufacturers cases and power supplies this also includes home made units

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P.O.A 84HP 3U custom built case.+12v,-12v and +5v. power rating 1.5 amp per rail. Includes 8 Doepfer power sockets as supplied as standard. Voltage selector.
RS15 P.O.A 168HP 6U custom built case.+12v,-12v and +5v. power rating 1.5 amp per rail. Includes 8 Doepfer power sockets as supplied as standard. Voltage selector.

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RS20 P.O.A 6HP High quality ring mod + multiple

P.O.A 12HP

External Source Processor accepts mic and line level inputs. Exceptionally accurate pitch to voltage converter with two different types of output with additional slew circuit. Output 1 is normal and output 2 is track and held. Envelope Follower section has additional slew limiter. Trigger output section provides means of firing envelope generators, clocking sequencers and a myriad other applications. No need for preamp this is a one stop solution for controlling an analogue synthesiser or modular with vocals, flutes, bass, electric guitar and violin etc played monophonically with precision.

Sound Sample: At 3min 33 sec the sound you hear is being controlled by a guitar courtesy of the RS35

RS40 P.O.A 12HP Noise, sample + hold, & clock module
RS50 P.O.A 12HP Trigger generator with VC pulse shaper & VC DC level shifter
RS60 P.O.A 12HP VC ADSR with auto repeat
RS70 P.O.A 12HP Pre-amp, inverter, slew module
RS85 P.O.A 12HP Extended LFO. Third range added for super slow sweeps, centre dented pot on saw/tri output and dual led for visual feed back of frequency and cycle.
RS90 N/A 12HP No Longer Available


RS95E manual P.O.A 12HP Enhanced precision voltage controlled oscillator High frequency stability & excellent musical tracking over a ten octave range. Accurate waveforms of sinewave, sawtooth, triangle, square & pulse are available as separate outputs, the waveshapes can be independently voltage controlled. a wide range mode allows the oscillator to operate in both supersonic and subsonic frequency ranges as well as in the audio frequency range. Hard sync input for classic complex lead sounds.  A high quality ten turn multiturn frequency dial allowing precise tuning of frequencies & incorporating a lock to ensure the dial cannot be turned accidentally. A perfect partner for the rs500e and rs510e modules to give the classic EMS synthi look and feel to any system.



P.O.A 12HP Moog type ladder filter VCF (LPF). 
New completely designed mk 3 ladder filter. Superb sounding low pass filter giving that authentic vintage Moog type sound
RS110 P.O.A 18HP Multi-mode filter: notch, band, low, high pass filters. 2xCV (inc. level pots), 2xAudio (inc. level pots), Resonance (with i/p point between frequency and resonance for introducing delay lines on feedback loops). (Outputs: Notch, Band, Lo, Hi, Resonance).
RS120 P.O.A 12HP Comb filter (phaser/flanger)
RS130 P.O.A 24HP Programmable scale generator
RS140 P.O.A 24HP Midi/CV Converter. 2X20 display. 5 controller outputs, individually defined. 3 trigger outputs individually defined, trigger, gate, S trigger or midi clock. 1 CV out (On 2 sockets) 64 memories selectable as patches over midi.
RS150 P.O.A 6HP 4 Channel sequential switch with reset features.
RS160 P.O.A 12HP CV mixer. 4x inputs (inc. level pots), 1x output with -ve or +ve level pot.
RS165 P.O.A 12HP Audio mixer. 4x inputs (inc. level pots),1x output with level pot.
RS170 P.O.A 6HP Dual 5 way multiples
RS180 P.O.A 12HP VCA with log and lin control inputs.
RS190 P.O.A 18HP VU meter / Inverter Module
RS200 P.O.A 72HP 3x 8 step sequencer with start/stop/reset functions. The rest similar to the TH48 but without quantisers
RS215 P.O.A 12HP Eight Octave Filter
RS220 P.O.A 12HP Joystick. High quality unit
RS230 P.O.A 6HP CV buffer / inverter




Bode type frequency shifter, faithful reproduction of the circuitry of this classic unit.
RS250 P.O.A 6HP Trunk Line - brings audio to rear panel
RS260 P.O.A 6HP Voltage Quantiser
RS270 P.O.A 12HP Adaptor converter - converts between 6.35mm, 3.5mm, and phono sockets (2 sets)
RS280 P.O.A 6HP Audio and trigger clock divider




P.O.A 30HP V.C. delay/sampler. Stunning 46.9khz, 16bit, 5.5 second stereo echo and delay with user assignable control of midi, analogue clocks, triggers, and CV Calculates the correct delay time to the incoming tempo. 50 user memories to create personal comb filter, flanging, chorus, pitch shifting and echo programmes. Can recreate bbd and tape echo effects and up to 29 seconds available in mono mode. 
2 modes of delay are available Tape Delay and the recently developed Digital Delay.
In sample mode the user can voltage control and trigger the source material in ways unavailable until now. Using the RS295 optional expander samples can be dumped and retrieved using sys ex dumps.
NOTE: specifications can change where Analogue Systems deem it appropriate.
RS295 P.O.A 6HP Expander module for the rs290 featuring the midi interface and a 2nd user assignable feature.
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P.O.A 24HP C.V. /midi converter with note on note off capabilities. Eight C.V. inputs fully programmable for various midi controllers including velocity and conjunction with an analogue sequencer and a rhythm machine live drum programming and performance is easily obtainable.
RS310 P.O.A 12HP Reverb/Chorus with C.V. of wet / dry mix and C.V. of delay time.
RS320 N/A 12HP No Longer Available
RS330 TBA 18HP Keyboard Controller (Not sold separately)
RS340 P.O.A 6HP Gate delay and trigger with reset feature.
RS350 P.O.A 6HP Voltage controlled slew limiter with on / off inputs socket for added unusual effects.
RS360 P.O.A 24HP Improved version of the best selling FB3 Filter Bank in module format.

Read Review 2005

Review 2 v3.9


P.O.A 36HP Polyphonic harmonic generator.6 voice,4 oscillator per note wavetable and additive synthesis engine. Additional features include fully functional polyphonic midi /C.V. converter with 4 programmable controller outputs and assignable gate function for programming s trigger standard triggers and midi clock. A useful arpeggiator, 2 internal LFOs, 6 advanced envelope generators with full midi and C.V. control that can be accessed for internal and external use and the ability to travel through the custom user stored harmonics and factory stored wavetables and waveforms via midi and voltage control. A complete 6 voice digital syntheser that is an instrument in its own right. Specifications are subject to change as features are added to the enhance module

Below are six tracks which showcase the capabilities of the Analogue Systems RS370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator. These soundscapes were created by Bakis Sirros of Parallel Worlds. All were done in real time with no multitracking.
These soundscapes are not for sampling. 
Copyright Bakis Sirros - Parallel Worlds 2006 
1. In Agony
2. Running Out Of Time

3. Running Out Of Time 2

4. Symphony Of Metals

5. Dominated 

6. Dominated 2

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P.O.A 48HP Expander module for manipulation of up to 24 harmonics via voltage control with 16 level pots. A must have when generating real time additive synthesis in single voice mode. 
RS376 P.O.A 6HP Useful expander for the RS370 particularly for users who do not require the real-time additive synthesis capabilities of the RS375 module but want to take advantage of  4 extra CV inputs and 4 controller outputs
RS380 P.O.A 12HP Multifunction module containing LFO, sample and hold, noise and VCA. Incredibly versatile unit as well as excellent modulation controller when used in conjunction with Demon and Sorcerer and other analogue keyboards with mod wheel or joystick capabilities. Cost effective and rack space efficient.
RS390 P.O.A 12HP Mono in stereo out echo unit with V.C. of delay time and wet / dry mix
RS400 P.O.A 12HP Classic phase shifter design with V.C. of parameters and built in LFO which is available to the user on a socket. 
RS420 P.O.A 12HP Multi function octave controller including built in slew generator for portamento/glide effects and CV buffer. The module can control up to 3 VCO's with global transposition and individual octave selection. Plus 2 CV inputs for keyboard transposition and vibrato effects. To cover all aspects of tuning a 3 position toggle switch gives further global octave selection. When used with RS95e all possible tuning scenarios are covered. Superb with analogue sequencers for instant octave switching and transposing.
RS430 P.O.A 12HP Distortion module with v.c of drive and wet/dry mix.
RS440 P.O.A 12hp Analogue delay module with 3328 stage bbd chip. Voltage control of delay time and wet and dry mix.
RS450 P.O.A 36hp Multifunction cv recorder and sequencer that allows the user to record gates, triggers and voltages from external sources
on 4 separate channels and store the results in 10 memory
locations for precise recall of live performance. Can by used in Real Time mode ala EMS Synthi KS or Step Time Mode. Also the module allows the user to record audio and playback like a sampler. Control Voltage inputs for Start, Stop, Record and Rest/Reset, Seq Start, Seq End Transpose and Frequency. Dedicated Clock input and output Sockets.
RS500e P.O.A 12HP Genuine Ems synthi filter. This legendary filter can be switched between pre1974 and post 1974 filter type and response. For the first time response can be voltage controlled which was designed on the circuit board but not available on the matrix. This module is made under license from Ems.
RS510e P.O.A 18hp Genuine Ems trapezoid generator featuring Attack, On, Decay, Off and Trapezoid output level. With v.c of Decay time, status led, Sig in and Sig out, Gate in and Outputs A and B this classic timing generator when used with Rs500e captures the essence of the VCS3 
and Synthi A. 
This module is made under license from Ems 
RS600 P.O.A 12HP Performance Wheels Ideal alternative to rs220 joystick controller for Demon or Sorcerer keyboard systems or as a module in its own right in a modular set up. Backlit clear wheels which change colour as they move and the modulation wheel l.e.d flashes with intensity as it is moved showing the internal lfo frequency. Four sockets provide 3 outputs, Bend Mix and Mod and one input Ext in.The user can introduce audio or external c.v sources into Ext in and this source can be introduced via the mod wheel due to an internal v.c.a. Two knobs provide Depth of Bend and Frequency of Modulation respectively Superb looking multi functional performance wheels with built in lfo providing square and triangle waveforms.

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Patch leads 1.50- 3.25 each   15cm black 1.50
30cm black, grey, red, blue, green and yellow 2.00 
45cm black, grey, red, blue, green and yellow 2.50
60cm grey, red, blue, green and yellow 3.00
75cm grey, red, blue, green and yellow 3.25

18cm pack of 5 7.50
30cm pack of 5 10.00
45cm pack of 5 12.50
75cm pack of 5 16.25
Each pack contains red, yellow, blue, green and grey cables
Complete user manual 30   Complete user manual for Integrator covering all modules.
Doepfer Power Supply Board 35   Will accept up to 6 Doepfer modules. Fits neatly into RS15 cases and larger wooden cabinets.
Misc spare parts for other modulars:
Moog knobs 3.50   New
ARP2500 knobs 3.50   New. Red, green, blue, gold, silver

Analogue Systems 
sample CD

£9.95 + Posting and Packing
Modular Synthesizer Teaching Video £16.95 + Posting and Packing Available in all formats.

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