VU Meter / Inverter Module

It can be very useful to know the voltage being produced by any module within the Integrator. This can help you to refine your patches, and to check that modules are responding as you think they should.


CV/Signal Input

The RS190 offers a single CV input that accepts and displays audio and CV signals in the ranges +/-5V and 0V to +10V.

CV Signal Switch

You may use this to select between10 CVs (DC and very low frequency signals) and audio.

The module responds to DC and slowly varying signals, thus allowing you to see the fluctuations in voltages created by devices such as envelope generators.

The meter responds to, and displays the RMS value of AC signals. This means that it is optimised for measuring the amplitudes of audio signals.

The meter does not respond to incoming signals.


The RS190 offers two outputs. These carry identical signals, except that the phase of one is inverted with respect to the other.

Output +
This outputs a signal identical to that received at the CV/Sig Input.

Output -
This outputs a signal that is inverted with respect to that received at the CV/Sig Input.

Adjustment Screw

To calibrate the RS190 you should disconnect any inputs and position the needle at 0V using the white nylon screw.