History of Training Facilities


Fancy a stay in Cornwall for a few days and learn about modular synthesis on a large Analogue Systems 8500 system well that is now a reality.

Rent our apartment in the grounds of Analogue Systems on a room only basis in a nice wooded area.

 Restaurant facilities next door in Boscundle Manor and a local pub just 5 minutes walk away.

We can collect you from either the local airport or railway station.


Analogue Systems visit 14/03/2011 - 18/03/2011

Last week I had the pleasure of a full weeks training on modular synthesizer programming with synth guru and absolute gent Bob Williams at Analogue Systems in St Austell, Cornwall. Analogue Systems design and manufacture high quality modular synthesizers - they are a small, friendly company with massive expertise and worldwide kudos and, impressively, they design and manufacture all of their equipment in the southwest of England. Who said British manufacturing was dead?!

Not only did I have the rare opportunity to learn on their massively powerful 8500 system 8 hours a day for a full week (see pics below), I also had the pleasure of the wonderful company of Bob and his partner Kaz and stayed in a lovely apartment adjoining the studio (I would have slept in their given the chance, though I doubt I would have slept at all with that 8500 blinking at me!)

The possibilities for sound design on a system like this are endless, but my training showed me that even a smaller system like mine can yield great results when you fully understand the modules you have. Analogue Systems' modules offer amazing performance and control capability at really reasonable prices - unlike many of the new crop of manufacturers whose modules are triumphs of marketing and screen print rather than electronic design. My own system is 75% Analogue Systems and 25% Livewire Electronics modules. My vintage gear has hardly got a look-in since I 'went modular'.

All in all a wonderful week, one I will never forget, although I have to admit I have already forgotten the colour coding system for patching - was that grey or green for CV? We all know yellow is best for everything anyway.

Thanks again to Bob and Kaz for your warm welcome, hospitality, company, cookery and endless synthesizer knowledge, I hope to visit you again soon.

Dan, 11am, 21/03/2011